Guaranteed To Help You Establish A Business Without Loss Of Time, Money Or Relationships
Over 12 Weeks I Offer You A Complete Hand-Holding Solution Which Guarantees To Help You Establish A New "Side-Hustle"

1-to-1 Private Call, Unlimited WhatsApp Support, LIFETIME Access To The "Mastery" Module (Coming Soon!), Weekly Group Coaching Calls, Weekly Target Setting & A Minimum Of 12 Private "Mastery" Modules
Do any of these sound familiar to you?
  • You are NOT 100% happy and fulfilled with your current lifestyle
  • You don't have the financial security which would allow you to REALLY enjoy things
  • You have tried to change your situation but you haven't been able to find the solution
I have had the EXACT same thoughts countless times over the years, throughout my "Day Job" years and even through my early Entrepreneurial years

I've cried, I've screamed, I've vented my frustration towards the people I care about the most, I've procrastinated and I've caused more problems than I've solved because I was too frustrated to deal with anything.

Money (Or a lack of) has played a huge part in my life.

I've ALWAYS wanted to achieve MORE and for a long time I really didn't have much at all.

BARELY scraping by and eventually my income slightly improved to a comfortable level but I still felt like I hadn't made as much progress as I should have by that point.

Things really changed when I started building what is now my new "Primary Income" and I learned how to SERVE others and the money came gradually. I turned less than £10k into a 7 figure company in less than 3 years!

And ofcourse as I am a HUGE advocate of multiple streams of income and for everyone to have a "Side-Hustle", here I am building my next empire from the ground, UP!

I have managed to reach a place where I can manage my time and priorities so I only work an average of 15 hours per week. Yes, sometimes that's slightly more but everything I do I enjoy so it's easy to find the energy!

And I want this for you too... Not only is it very possible, it's almost a CERTAINTY if you follow what I show you.

All of this has led to the creation of Paragon "Side-Hustle" Mastery
My Brand New 12 Week Deep-Dive Into Creating Your First SUCCESSFUL "Side-Hustle"
  • Unlimited WhatsApp Support: So that no matter what hurdles you encounter through the program you have direct access to ask ME for support.
  • 1-to-1 Business Call: This means that you can be assured 100% that you have a successful business idea after a deep-dive call with me.
  • LIFETIME Access To The "Mastery" Modules: Every piece of "Mastery" training I provide in the future will be sent DIRECTLY to you so that you never miss out on vital business refining, profit boosting, life changing tips and tricks!
  • Weekly Coaching Calls: This is so that each week we can discuss what is relevant to YOUR business and how we can accomplish your biggest tasks in the most efficient and productive way.
  • Weekly Targets: Now you know that every week you have a successful business owner and trainer guiding you to set your priority targets for the week to ensure you get the MOST out of the 12 weeks we have together
  • Private Training Videos: Now you have the 12 most important pieces of training every 12 weeks at your finger tips which allows you to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL!
This isn't like any program you've seen or experienced before...
I'm sure you're sat there thinking you've heard it all before and you're wondering how this transformation could be any different than anything else out there.

Well let me share a few things with you...

Paragon "Side-Hustle" Mastery is like no other program out there. Not only have I designed this specifically for hard working family men/women based on my own personal experience of failing my family, most other programs out there will leave you...
  • Confused & Overwhelmed: They Give You So much Information It's Like Drinking From A Fire Hose! And Because It's So Complex, You End Up Stuck, Stressed And Anxious, Finding Yourself In The Same Situation 6 Months From Now
  • Hung Out To Dry: "Here's Your Program, Thanks For Your Money And GOOD LUCK!" That's How It Usually Goes, Right?
  • Rebounding Soon After: While Following Their Program Because It Simply Wasn't Sustainable And Made In A Way To Fit YOUR Lifestyle
Paragon "Side-Hustle" Mastery Is About Empowering You With ALL The Tools You'll Ever Need To Live A Financially Secure And Sustainable Lifestyle
  • Being Invincible!: That Feeling When You Wake Up In The Morning Just Knowing That Everything Is Taken Care Of. Absolutely Nothing To Worry About.
  • Simple & Sustainable: Not Only Will You Learn What You Should Be Doing To Transform Your Life, I'm Going To Give You All The Tools You Could Ever Need To Sustain Your New Found Enterprise For The Rest Of Your Life
  • Unbreakable Confidence: When You Feel Confident About Your Business And Your Money, You Are Confident In Almost ALL Other Aspects Of Your Life, Your Job, Your Relationships And Your Hobbies Will All Begin To Improve!
  • A Huge Surge In Energy Levels: You'll Actually Feel Like You're Jumping Out Of Your Skin And Just Feel Like Moving!
  • Clear Focus And Concentration: A New Found Feeling Of 'Lightness' And A Massive Boost In Your Creativity And Fresh Ideas, More Related To To Having A Positive Mindset When Making The Change To A Sustainable "Side-Hustle" And The Empowerment That Follows!
  • Peace Of Mind: You Can Spend Your Time Doing What You Really Love, Knowing That You Have Extra Time, Money, Security And Freedom.
  • Success!: Not Only Will You Feel More Accomplished, Others Will Also Recognise How Much More Successful You Look. They'll Be Able To See This In Your Language, In Your Confidence, In The Way You Dress, In The Way You Approach Discussions. Despite What We've Been Told, We Really DO Care What Other People Think.
  • Leave A Legacy: At The End Of It All We Want To Know That Our Family And Future Generations Are Taken Care Of
The Investment
Full "Side-Hustle" Mastery ONLY
  • Or Payment Plan £200 x 3
I've broken this program into 3 specific training phases to complete the ultimate 'Hand-Holding' system
  • Deep-Dive Call: This Is How I Discover Where You Are At, Where You Want To Be And What SPECIFIC Steps Need To Be Taken To Get There
  • Targets & Training: We're Going To Set Out A 'Road Map' Which Shows Your Final Destination And Exactly Which Path Is Going To Get You There The Fastest. Combining This With Weekly Video Calls And Ongoing Training Modules, This Is Guaranteed To Give You Everything You Need To Reach Your Goal -Then We Set A New One!
  • Accountability: Every Week We Will Communicate Via WhatsApp To Discuss Your Targets For The Previous Week, Any 'Hurdles' That Popped Up In The Previous Week And How To Best Overcome Them Plus We Also Set Targets For The Coming Week. You'll Have Unlimited Access To Support Via WhatsApp
Here's what some of the people I've worked with before have to say...

And Here's How I Know It Will Work For You...
The "Side-Hustle" Mastery is like nothing you've seen or experienced before.

It's not a "Give me your money, read this workbook and have a great life!" kind of program where you end up even MORE confused, overwhelmed and even further out of pocket.

This is a "FULL SOLUTION" hand-holding opportunity that will help you find REAL CLARITY when it comes to setting up not only one, but as many "Side-Hustles" as you want in the future.
If All This Did For You Was...
  • Finally helped you achieve financial security... would this be worth it?
  • Gave you complete clarity in your business.. would this be worth it?
  • Gave you ALL the confidence you need in life... would this be worth it?
YES... Of Course It Would!
My Personal GUARANTEE...
And Because I Am So Confident This Brand New Programme WILL Change Your Life, I Am Going To Guarantee Your Success.

Put simply - I won't let you fail.

Not only am I going to offer you a COMPLETE refund within your first 12 weeks but I will also pay you back an ADDITIONAL £1,000 out of my own pocket if you weren't able to establish a successful business within your first 12 weeks following my advice.

You get a complete refund and you're also £1,000 richer.

I'm taking ALL of the risk off your shoulders. I'll be at your side EVERY step of the way!
Now It's Time To Make A Decision To Start Your
Paragon "Side-Hustle" Mastery
Just think about this...
  • How many "half solution" programs have you tried in the past?
  • How long are you willing to keep waiting?
  • How will your life be any different in 3-12 months WITHOUT this programme?

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